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Monument Memorial Fund

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Help us raise money for the Hunger Memorial Fund !

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The Great Hunger    “An Gorta Mor”

The Hibernians of Division 11 in Nassau County have started on a project to erect a monument in remembrance of  “The Great Hunger”.  As free citizens it is important to remember all those who had to flee their homeland looking for a better life. Many made it to the USA and many died trying either in the crossing or soon after. Those Immigrants that did survive are the ones who built this great country, they deserve a monument.

The monument, will honor all those who were affected by the great hunger.

The Monument is dedicated to all who had emigrated due to hunger, religious persecution or oppression of any kind.

Assistance from individuals or organizations will be required to make this monument a reality. 


We are now getting bids for the monument. The size and color of the stone to be used as well as the final design are being determined and balanced against the price.



CLICK  HERE TO DONATE to the Hunger Memorial Fund !

You should be proud that you helped place this monument to emigrants where it belongs.

A symbol that God Is with all of us.

CONTACT Jack at (516) 724-6821 or email

Project List

Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation


6th Annual ‘Laps for Learning’

image4770September 24, 2011 

Each of us can help make a difference!

One of our projects is helping to keep the parochial schools open and attended.

Through Tomorrows Hope Foundation based in Rockville Centre NY we donate our time and energy to helping the 51 catholic Elementary Schools remain open on Long Island.

One great way is supporting the WALK-A-THON sponsored by Tomorrows Hope Foundation.

The School actually gets 50% of the amount sponsored in their name RIGHT BACK.

And a percentage comes back in scholarships for students and the rest improves the technology departments in the schools.

This is a link to Tomorrows Hope Foundation’s Holy Family Walk / Bike / Run-A-Thon page.

CLICK HERE – Todays Child is TOMORROWS HOPE – Please Sponsor a Child !

Just click on it or  copy and paste the link into your address bar.

You can sponsor a child in school for $10 and let them get additional sponsors or add more yourself.

They can even bring checks at  the event for payment.

Or you can click on a student’s name listed on the page and add to their goal.

I am hoping to get more supporters from Holy Family School.

Feel free to pass on this message.

Thank you


This is a great cause that needs our help!

Tomorrows Hope Foundation (THF) grants money to help families get and keep their children in Parochial Elementary school.

They give to students Grades 1 through 8, helping their family afford the private school tuition.

This helps keep the schools open.

Today’s Children are Tomorrows Hope!

For More Information Visit Their Website by clicking here.

Click here for the to the LONG ISLAND CATHOLIC article and pictures.

Below are pictures from 2009 Bike-A-Thon at Ceader Creek Park.  Sad News  The club is sad to announce Nancy Donlon has passed away suddenly.  Nancy and her family are active in many Hicksville Community activities.


In Memorandum

The Catholic Youth Organization, Knights of Columbus and the AOH Div.11 in Hicksville were deeply saddened by the passing of Nancy Donlon. Her family was always involved with the Hicksville Community, our activities and sporting events. We keep the family and all the students at holy Family School in our Prayers.