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Saturday, September 8, 2018


Did you know the Ancient Order of Hibernians is the oldest
fraternal charitable organization still operating in America ?


We have done a great deal promoting many local charities and scholarships here in Hicksville. Once each year, A.O.H. Division 11, organizes a fundraising effort in support of local charities.

The biggest recipients in Hicksville have been the Food Pantry and Human Services and Outreach Centers at Holy Family and Saint Ignatius parish, our Veterans Organizations, Senior Citizens Groups and Children’s groups.

HELP US CONTINUE, carry us through the year, please spread the word for financial support, Golf, Help Out,  Donate a Basket,  Buy a Raffle,  Sponsor a Tee or Hole at the event.

I remind you this is the our major fundraiser run by AOH Division 11 in Hicksville, It supports the charitable work we do in your own Community.

Through the effort of our members and your generous sponsorship has enabled
us to donate more than $7,600 to Veterans through this golf benefit.

This year we continue supporting our veterans with

                     Operation Comfort Warrior

Operation Comfort warrior will use 100% of every dollar we give them to directly help recovering troops in places like Fort Drum, NY. Helping the Families as well as the recovering soldier.

AOH Division 11  Hibernians here in Hicksville need support to continue our Charitable works.
For more information contact Jack O’Brien  724-6821,  Jim Reardon or  Thomas Kennedy.


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Kevin Westley AOH member returns Hundreds of dollars worth of offensive Irish Shirts after St. Patrick’s Day

Division News: Kevin Westley continues as Chairman for Anti-Defamation.
Members efforts were picked up by more than 20 TV News and Radio Shows from USA  to Ireland.

 Irishman returns Hundreds of dollars worth of
Offensive Irish t-shirts to stores after St. Patrick’s Day

Sheila Langan                                                                                                                                    March 19,2015

AOH Division 11 member Kevin Westley,  Walmart was ready and waiting for Kevin Westley. Photo by: Sheila Langan
Walmart was ready and waiting for Kevin Westley. Photo by: Sheila Langan

“If we get locked up, if we’re not back in three hours, send the lawyers for us, OK hon?”
Kevin Westley asked his wife, Joanie, in the doorway of their East Meadow, Long Island home.
“You’re on your own!” was the reply from Joanie, who for the second year in a row has lovingly if somewhat bemusedly stood by Kevin in his campaign to get his local Walmart stores to stop carrying t-shirts that stereotype the Irish as drunks.
Westley, an Irish American radio host and Irish Dance instructor, has grown increasingly weary over the years of all the merchandise that pops up in the weeks leading up to St. Patrick’s Day promoting a connection between Irish Culture and drunkenness and worse suggesting that the holiday is primarily about drinking.

Storage bins full of Walmart t-shirts
Walmart Anti-Irish items in sealed tubs at purchase and ready to be returned.

Last year, after complaining about the offensive t-shirts to the managers at the Walmart stores in his area and to the company’s corporate office (and being told by each that the decision to carry the items was in the purview of the other), Westley decided to take matters into his own hands.

After carefully and thoroughly reading Walmart’s return policy, Westley went to three Walmarts on Long Island and purchased over $800 worth of the t-shirts. He left the tags on, kept the t-shirts clean (and out of public view) in storage boxes, and returned them after St. Patrick’s Day.

“Put them on your credit card and you never spend a dime,” he told Irish Central in a previous interview.
His experience returning the shirts last year was surprisingly positive.
This year was a different story.

For posting purposes, a milder Example of the offensive shirts !
For posting purposes, a milder Example of the offensive shirts !

In February, Westley bought $400 worth of the questionable t-shirts from two Walmart stores. The third store he had visited the previous year wasn’t stocking them this time around, he was delighted to find, though he was uncertain if that was a result of his campaign.
IrishCentral interviewed Kevin about his inventive plan in late February, and the story spread like wildfire. In Ireland, he did interviews with almost all of the major radio stations, and the Irish Mirror, The Journal and the Belfast Telegraph all covered the story. Here, it was picked up by ABC and FOX news, and a camera crew from CBS paid a visit to his home. Another station went to the Walmart in East Meadow. They were not permitted inside, though a manager did speak to one of the reporters.
So, once St. Patrick’s Day was over, Walmart knew he’d be making an appearance.

Kevin waiting in line to return the shirts
Kevin waiting in line to return the shirts

There was a short line in front of the customer service desk yesterday as Kevin pushed a shopping cart laden with two storage boxes through the store’s automatic doors.
It might have been the boxes, it might have been that his face is now familiar after all the interviews, or it might have been his Kelly green jacket, but the Walmart employees seemed to recognize him instantly.
“I got this guy,” announced one of the three women staffing the returns desk.
“Take them out of the basket,” she instructed when he reached the front of the line. “You have your receipts?”
“I sure do,” Kevin replied, pulling the t-shirts from the boxes and placing them on the counter.

Reciepts listed the t-shirts as “MEN ST PATTY
Walmart listed the t-shirts as “MEN ST PATTY & Thank You

He produced two very long receipts. Adding insult to injury, they listed the t-shirts as “MEN ST PATTY” and had the line “Thank you! We value your opinion!” printed at the top. This has not been Kevin’s experience.
The entire process took an hour, with some politely aggressively exchanges and spirited debate about the t-shirts’ offensive qualities as each one was scanned.
Initially, they seemed to be at an impasse, with the customer service rep telling Kevin that all of the staff had been instructed to only allow him to return the shirts purchased at that specific store.

So many other shirts, Sold throughout the area What if they picked on the President instead of the irish. 2015KevWest07
Inspecting the return policy posted on a nearby wall.

“You’re telling me I can’t return Walmart merchandise to any Walmart? There’s nothing in the return policy about returning it at the store where you bought it,” he said, walking over to re-inspect the policy, which was posted on a nearby wall.


Other offensive t-shirts.
more offensive t-shirts, see related article below

The rep said that Walmart had faxed everyone notes about and that the store manager had instructed all of the staff to only take back the shirts from that store. Kevin asked to see both the fax and the manager, and was told that the manager wasn’t in. The assistant manager never replied to the nearly 20 calls over the intercom.
The rep also said that she had been specifically asked to deal with Kevin when he came to make the return, perhaps because she herself was Irish American.
“Where’s your family from?” Kevin asked.
“Cork,” she replied. The same county where Kevin’s grandfather is from.
“And you don’t find these shirts offensive?”
“These shirts are not offensive to everyone, only to you.”
Kevin assured her she was just as entitled to her opinion as he was.

The shirts piling up on the counter.
The shirts piling up on the counter.

“Want me to take them off the hangers?” he offered.
“No, that’s fine, they’re just going to put them right back out.”
“Even though it’s after St. Patrick’s Day?” I asked.
“They’re being sold for $2.00 now,” she said with a smile.
She asked him why he didn’t buy t-shirts from Target or from the mall as well.
He said he probably would next year, but mentioned his dismay that last Halloween Walmart had been receptive and apologetic about two costumes offensive to Muslims and removed them from the shelves.

“Why won’t WALMART do it for the Irish?” he asked.

The t-shirts processed in the first return.
The t-shirts processed in the first return.

After the first return had been processed, she left the desk to find the assistant manager and came back saying that they would in fact be able to accept the t-shirts from the other Walmart.
“I wasn’t worried,” Kevin said later, “There’s nothing in the policy that says they’re allowed to do that.”
Four of the shirts were missing tags, but she ran their returns separately. She added up the separate receipts to make sure the totals added up; they did. Kevin thanked her profusely, put the lids back on the boxes, and headed back outside to his car.

Asked if it had been worth it, he replied “absolutely !”
“Stereotypes can be vicious,” he said. “They can keep you from getting a job, or finding a place to live – not just the Irish of course, but everyone.” He went on to describe moments where he had been stereotyped because of his Irish background – from teachers in high school and even from acquaintances today.

“I’m doing this in memory of my grandfather,” he added. “He was born in Boston and faced so much discrimination in his search for work – ‘No Irish Need Apply’ signs and so on. He was a chauffeur for the Kennedys and then went on to be a General Agent for Railway Express, a precursor to Federal Express. He made sure that all the local kids from his parish had a chance for a job.”

And will this experience deter him from doing the same thing again in 2016?

“I hope I don’t have to do it again next year,” he said. “But of course I will if they’re selling the shirts again.”

(This Story ran in Irish Central News)

The Ancient Order of Hibernians have been working with manufacturers for years to end such racist remarks. Spencer Gifts and Urban Outfitters have had courts rule against them yet still deal in defamatory merchandise. So Much of these products are made overseas by the millions. This makes the profit margin huge.



BroadwayMall11Whereas in the USA manufactured clothing has turned their profit using positive messages and images of the Irish. This allowed them to sell the merchandise all year not just around Saint Patrick’s Day.

3_17Shamrock Capture33 Capture48

Clean Shirts
Just some of the NON-DEROGATORY IRISH SHIRT Designs.
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Interview with Ben Carson

How is the Government treating us ?


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No Mass said in Mosul for first time in 1,600 years…

No Mass said in Mosul for first time in 1,600 years, says Archbishop – Published 28 June 2014 World Watch Monitor….

The Chaldean Catholic Church’s Archbishop Bashar Warda of Erbil, in Kurdish-governed northern Iraq, is reported as saying that for the first time in 1,600 years there was no Mass said in Mosul on Sunday June 15. This is the city taken over days before by ISIS forces.

Reports say the estimated 3,000 or so Christians still there – from about 35,000 in 2003 – all fled ahead of the militias’ takeover of control, although some families were reported to have returned. They cited lack of job prospects and shelter once they’d become internally displaced, or refugees in Kurdish Iraq.

Iraqi refugees are seen in a camp near the northern city of Irbil June 12. Hundreds of thousands of people who have fled their homes in Mosul are left without access to aid, officials said. (CNS photo/Stringer, EPA)
Iraqi refugees are seen in a camp near the northern city of Irbil June 12. Hundreds of thousands of people who have fled their homes in Mosul are left without access to aid, officials said. (CNS photo/Stringer, EPA)

  Amongst those fleeing Mosul, World Watch Monitor met families sheltering in a Christian-dominated district of Erbil, Ankawa.

The largely Christian town of Qaraqosh is, 32 miles southeast of Mosul. Its official Arabic name is Baghdeda; there were about 70,000 Christians living in the area.

On Wednesday 25th June, Kurdish Peshmerga forces engaged with the ISIS – also called Daash – militias who were trying to move into Qaraqosh. WWM has seen direct messages confirming that there was bombing of Qaraqosh, during which two Christian families were reported killed by mortars.

Locals believe that it was ISIS which carried out the bombing.

However today (Thursday) Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki has confirmed that Syrian government jets have bombed ISIS in other parts of northern Iraq.

Reports Thursday from locals say that the Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga, fighting with local Christian residents, were able to repel ISIS from Qaraqosh, especially after 1000 Peshmerga troop reinforcements arrived. Locals say after that, from about 10pm, the situation in the town became quieter, while some news agencies say Qaraqosh is now completely abandoned.

Qaraqosh residents initially started to flee to the churches of another nearby Christian town of Karamles. However, from mid-afternoon Wednesday, thousands of cars with people from Qaraqosh and Karamles were seen waiting at the Kurdish-controlled checkpoint to enter Erbil, a safe haven to the north across the ‘border’ into Kurdistan. Other families headed for Dohuk, about an hour’s drive directly north of Mosul.

About 40 Christian families reached Erbil’s Ankawa district where they found temporary shelter at a center for elderly people.

They gave accounts of rockets falling near Qaraqosh houses, one of a Christian man, Rammo; as glass windows shattered, people were injured.

Local Christians were quick to help the new arrivals: “Immediate needs are obvious: water and food” said one. “Some are sleeping on a piece of cardboard, so mattresses and pillows are needed too. And with temperatures reaching 45 degrees during the day, we need air coolers, especially important for families with young children or elderly.”

Imposition of ‘jizya tax’ on Mosul Christian minority

Meanwhile a member of Iraq’s High Commission on Human Rights Dr. Sallama Al Khafaji has told an Arabic news website, Al Sumaria, that last Saturday, June 21 ISIS began to demand a poll tax (jizya) from Christians in Mosul. In a custom rooted in medieval times, under strict Islamic law, Christians were required to have to pay protection money and are not allowed to publicly express their faith.

Dr Al Khafaji is reported to have said that in one case, ISIS members entered the home of an Assyrian family to demand it. She reports that when the Assyrian family said they did not have the money, three ISIS members raped the mother and daughter in front of the husband and father. The husband and father was so traumatized that he committed suicide, she reported.

“The Christians have told me that they cannot pay this tax,” said Dr. Al-Khafaji, “and they say ‘what am I to do, shall I kill myself?'”

Meanwhile, Iraqi church leaders, including those from the capital Baghdad – hundreds of miles to the south, have met in Erbil to discuss a ‘rescue plan’, amid growing fears that the ISIS Islamist attacks have put Christianity at increased risk of being extinguished from the country.

Chaldean Auxiliary Bishop of Baghad Saad Sirop, who’d risked travel to the north to Erbil for the meeting, said the crisis could only be solved by reconciliation between the Sunni and Shi’a Muslims. He repeated calls for the international community to press for negotiation between the various Islamic leaders. He added that military action would be counter-productive. “Military intervention did not resolve anything in Syria, nor here in Iraq, so we should not think this will work this time.”

Bishop Saad added: “We ask God to give us the wisdom to face these problems with courage. There is no doubt that we are passing through some difficult days.”