AOH MEITHEAL – for St. Columcille Day “Advent Of Hope”‏

The 2013 AOH Nassau County Board Christmas Project;

The Irish word ‘ Meitheal’ means ‘a collective effort for the greater good of the community’.
It describes the old Irish tradition of people coming together to respond to local needs.

The next collective effort is happening this Saturday The AOH will help a neighborhood family decorate their home for the Christmas Holiday.
We will start at 7 with all hands on deck and finish the outside and inside before 11:am.

Hi Jack and all,

   Thank you all for giving this family a very special Christmas memory. I am sure they will not forget the kindness that was shown to them today. It was a definite honor to be with you all today. Seeing the good work that you have all done in Christ’s name. This is really and truly the meaning of what Christmas is about. Thank you for the invite today. May God continue to bless you for all the good work that you do.
God Bless and Happy Advent,
 Fr. Frank

Hi,  Just got in and a chance to write.

A special Thanks for all the work you do!
As I said to the service club, and My own men today, you will never know how far the work you do will reach.
You did not know them before You may never see them again.
But be sure your deeds, remaining in their memories, will creep to the surface of those you helped.

Perhaps when they least expect it.
You have touched their lives, and it is a story that will be regaled in spirit for years to come.
Jack  O’Brien

A 7am start for the Meitheal.


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