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Pro Life Activities


  Photo 2013 Jack O’Brien

Join in and Stand Up For Life

There will be several Silent Stand-Up Demonstrations
on the sidewalks in front of the Centers,
where abortions are performed.

In only an hour and a half of your time
You Will Save a LIFE!
I can’t think of a better use of my time, Can You?

(I will supply a sign if you want one, Just come as you are)


  Catholics at the Capitol


Timothy Cardinal Dolan and the Bishops of New York State joined hundreds of fellow Catholic New Yorkers at the annual Catholics at the Capitol public policy advocacy day at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center in Albany.














AOH at the second  STAND UP FOR FREEDOM JUNE 8, 2012 In addition to the 15 Catholic bishops scheduled to speak at Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom locations, countless other influential speakers from all walks of life will also be addressing rallies throughout the country this Friday, June 8th.

Rally Guidelines and Protocols

The Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom welcomes all participants, of whatever religious persuasion — and even those of no religious faith — who are united by support for and desire to protect the United States Constitution’s First Amendment right of religious liberty currently under attack by the HHS Mandate.

It is not the purpose of these Rallies to promote or advocate for any political party or political movement. Thus Rally participants are asked to not bring political party or candidate signage to the rallies or distribute such literature.

All those who attend are expected to comport themselves peacefully at all times while asserting their Constitutional right to freedom of assembly.

Families, even those with small children, should feel at home and comfortable attending this Rally.

If opposition protests are conducted, Rally participants will not engage counter demonstrators or hecklers with loud verbal argumentation, name-calling or derogatory remarks, nor will such opponents be physically engaged in any way.

Any interference with Rally participants’ rights to freedom of speech and assembly will be referred to police authorities by local Rally leaders.

If Rally participants are approached by media for comment, they should refer reporters and journalists to local rally coordinators for an interview.

March For Life 2011 from Mirandum Pictures on Vimeo.

This is a video from a you-tube videographer.  As usual there was little to no news coverage I saw.

And The media in Washington treated it as just a traffic warning on the local news.
How can something like the sacredness of life be reduced to a traffic obstical?

Much like the rest of the AOH, Division 11 supports pro-life activities and every year participates in a march in Washington D.C. We will have more information as it comes in on this very important event.

Stand up for Life Sunday October 7th 2018, 2PM-3:30 PM rte 110 Walt Whitman Mall‏

Stand Up For Life in Huntington October 4th 2009
Photos of Nassau AOH Division 11 President Phil Baumgartner and Zack.
This STAND-IN went for about 2 miles on route 110 and about a quarter mile on route 25.



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Division 11 A.O.H. Hunger Project

Ancient Order of HIBERNIANS
Division 11 Hicksville

Action  OHunger

Commodore John Barry AOH Div. 11 delivers to Hicksville Outreach and Human Services
In need of high protein Canned Meat is always needed, and more convenient items like Coffee are rarely get donated.

The Irish were intentionally starved out of their homes
as well as their Country.
This exodus caused by the Great  Hunger brought
millions of Irish people to the USA.
Many who made this journey survived but so many thousands did not.

The Irish Immigrant knew hunger as few others ever did. One of our major efforts under the HIBERNIAN HUNGER PROJECT is to help our local food pantries. No one in this country should want for food.
Or have their children go without the necessary nutrition.

If Possible Please Donate to the Food Pantries.

Every Cent you donate here through AOH Div.11 that is earmarked for the Food Pantry makes it to our Food Pantry. Unlike charities that have only a percentage of your donation make it to where it was intended.

Find it in your heart to donate something now.

Pick Up is Available for large donations 724-6821

In these challenging times, more and more people find themselves in need.

Remember: Food stamps cannot purchase household items.

Supermarket Gift Cards also appreciated.

Below are current Non-perishable Items ESPECIALLY needed:


Holy Family Outreach Center
March – April

Canned Meats, Canned Fruit, Tuna, Jelly, Rice,
Sugar, Beans, Pasta, Tomato Sauce

Coffee & Tea (Decaf/Regular),  Canned Potatoes, Peas, Pancake mix & Syrup,
Canned Fruits, Mayo, Juice, Salad Dressing, Cooking oil, Soups, Milk products,
dish detergent, hair Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, tissues laundry detergent, napkins, paper towels, plastic wrap, waxed paper, aluminum foil, Tissues, toilet paper

Thank You for your support!  Sister Carol Radosti Coordinator, Parish Social Ministry

Monday to Thursday 10:30 to 2:45 – Thursday evening by appointment.

St. Ignatius Human Resources
March – April

Please Donate or contact us for pickup!

Need Rice ..Canned Meat, Beans,  Whole Kernel Corn, Pancake Mix and Syrup, Fruit in Cans/Jars, Fruit Juice, Rice in Bags and Boxes, Chunky soups are always needed.  And many non food items are needed as well like Foil, Wax paper, Toothpaste and Toothbrushes, Shampoo, Diapers (size 1,2 & 5), soaps and detergents.

Saint Raphael Outreach Center
March – April

Thank you for helping to keep our Food Pantry stocked!
In these challenging times, more and more people find themselves in need.
Supermarket Gift Cards (left in Sunday collection basket) are greatly appreciated for perishables!
Items ESPECIALLY needed:



Article reprinted from the “Long Island Catholic”


There has seen a huge increase in the number of people seeking assistance in the past few years. In September 2007, the parish outreach fed 292 people. This past September, they fed 552 people, Samodulski said, noting that this increase occurred despite the fact that the pantry was open five days per week in 2007 and now is open only three days.

People who receive aid at St. Ignatius fall generally into four categories, said Samodulski. Undocumented immigrants make up a large percentage of the clientele. “These are the people who are busing our tables, washing our cars and mowing our lawns,” he said, but don’t make enough to feed their families.

Some of the clients are homeless people. “The homeless population of our clients has dwindled from 45 to about 12, because a lot of the people we used to see have died,” said Samodulski.

Two other groups are growing in numbers, according to Samodulski. Each month the parish assists between 35 and 45 senior citizen households, most living on fixed incomes.

The fastest growing group is the ostensibly middle class,” he said. “They have been laid off, downsized or outsourced. They have tuition and mortgage payments they can no longer afford because the primary or secondary wage earner or both have lost jobs.”

“While the numbers (of this group) are small in comparison (to the other groups) they have grown most quickly, almost double in the past year,” he added.

Here is an article that was published about the food not getting to those people who need it. Also the food they have on hand and pay to store is not a variety of food needed by the pantries! …Note: The article in Newsday did not even address this point.

Pantries Bare while Food Banks Full

Saint Ignatius Social Service/Outreach Pantry,

Saint Ignatius Social Service/Outreach pantry
Thank you letter to the Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 11 John Barry A.O.H. for the tons of food this year.
Over 2,000 lbs in the past season was delivered to the local outreach centers in Hicksville NY through Division 11.  That helped a lot as more than 1,495 distributions were made from the St. Ignatius center in November alone. And this number includes 692 Children and 510 households!

Reasons for Learning:
An Gorta Mor – The Great Hunger

The Ancient Order of Hibernians, America’s largest Irish Cultural organization, has assembled the information contained in this site to advance the understanding of An Gorta Mor – Ireland’s Great Hunger from 1845 through 1851 and beyond – a tragic time in world history whose impact has yet to be truly recognized. There are only two instances in history in which ethnic cleansing has been perpetrated against a people not as a reprisal for rebellion, civil strife nor political retaliation. Those two are the Holocaust and An Gorta Mor.

( Just Click Here for the full publication on the AOH National site)

Chicken Broth & Gravy, Coffee, Mayo, Mustard, Ketchuo, Parmalat, Feminine hygiene products, Shampoo, Bar Soap, Deoderant, Detergent, Paper Towels.

2018 MARCH FOR LIFE Washington DC

2018 March for Life theme  LOVE SAVES LIVES logo
2018 March for Life theme

2018 MARCH for LIFE Washington DC


Benches added to Mariners’ Monument at Rockville Cemetery in Lynbrook

Posted November 2, 2017 Lynbrook-East Rockaway Herald

2017 Memorial Ceremony
At the dedication of the memorial benches were members of the Nassau County Ancient Order of Hibernians and the Ladies AOH and the Historical Society of East Rockaway & Lynbrook. The Hibernians were represented by, from left, Long Beach LAOH division members Marian Cronin (County VP) and Peg Hannan, Jack O’Brien, Peter Begley, Tim Myles, Sean Hood, Michael Lavin, John King, Carol McTigue, Ted McTigue and Jim Henry.
Courtesy John O’Connell

About 75 members of the Nassau County Ancient Order of the Hibernians, members of The Historical Society of East Rockaway and Lynbrook, and local elected officials gathered around an 18-foot tall obelisk at the Rockville Cemetery on Oct. 28 to watch as Andrew Healey and Art Mattson dedicate two new benches to the site, which commemorates two shipwrecks in the 1830s.

“It gives you a chance to read the placards, sit and reflect,” said Healey, the chairman of charities and missions for the Nassau County Ancient Order of Hibernians.

Grounded by the storm rescuing people from Wreck of teh MExico

The obelisk was erected in 1840, funded by local contributions and money found on the ships’ victims. It marks the mass grave of the 139 mostly Irish victims of The Bristol shipwreck in 1836 and The Mexico shipwreck in 1837.

The Bristol was swamped by powerful waves 400 yards off Rockaway Beach in November 1836, and 100 people drowned.

Two months later, 115 people froze to death on the deck of the Mexico, just off Long Beach. The ships were returning to New York from Liverpool, England, filled with cargo and European immigrants — 75 percent of whom were from Ireland, and the others mostly from England, Scotland and Wales.

Those who died in the wreck of the Bristol were buried in unmarked graves in potter’s fields. After the Mexico wrecked, residents set out to give victims of both shipwrecks a proper burial. They exhumed the bodies of the Bristol victims, wrapped the bodies from both wrecks in linen and organized one of the longest-ever funeral processions on Long Island with 300 horse-drawn wagons.

More than 150 years later, Healey and Mattson, the Lynbrook village historian, teamed up to restore the monument. “Our two organizations got together about six or seven years ago, and I said we should fix this monument here,” Healey said.

Together, the two men hired an engineer to determine whether the monument was still sturdy because they could see the base of the obelisk from the ground. To their surprise, the engineer determined that it was still structurally safe, so Healey and Mattson never actually touched the monument.

Wreck of the Mexico Currier & Ives
Wreck of the Mexico by Currier & Ives

Wreck of the Bristol by Chambers 1840
     1840 painting by Chambers

Instead, they hired Woodmere-based Bocci Landscaping to plant flowers and new shrubbery. Mattson then educated the public about the monument, and even wrote about the wrecks in his book “Water & Ice.” He also put up three placards around the monument describing the wrecks and the aftermath.


Last year, the two organizations managed to get national landmark status for the monument and Rockville Cemetery. “On Long Island, there are maybe one or two cemeteries that have national landmark status, and there aren’t many monuments,” Mattson told the Herald last year. “So to have a monument and a cemetery get it at the same time, holy cow, it’s big.”


But their work is not yet completed, according to Healey. “We’ve had interest from groups about putting a plaque on the boardwalks where the ships went down,” he said. “It’s like the gift that never stops giving.”

Mike Smollins and Mary Malloy contributed to this story.

Project List

Always Speak Up for those who Cannot !


Post Abortion Healing

Sisters Of Life               866-575-0075    or

Theresa Bonopartis     877-586-4621

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Saturday, September 8, 2018


Did you know the Ancient Order of Hibernians is the oldest
fraternal charitable organization still operating in America ?


We have done a great deal promoting many local charities and scholarships here in Hicksville. Once each year, A.O.H. Division 11, organizes a fundraising effort in support of local charities.

The biggest recipients in Hicksville have been the Food Pantry and Human Services and Outreach Centers at Holy Family and Saint Ignatius parish, our Veterans Organizations, Senior Citizens Groups and Children’s groups.

HELP US CONTINUE, carry us through the year, please spread the word for financial support, Golf, Help Out,  Donate a Basket,  Buy a Raffle,  Sponsor a Tee or Hole at the event.

I remind you this is the our major fundraiser run by AOH Division 11 in Hicksville, It supports the charitable work we do in your own Community.

Through the effort of our members and your generous sponsorship has enabled
us to donate more than $7,600 to Veterans through this golf benefit.

This year we continue supporting our veterans with

                     Operation Comfort Warrior

Operation Comfort warrior will use 100% of every dollar we give them to directly help recovering troops in places like Fort Drum, NY. Helping the Families as well as the recovering soldier.

AOH Division 11  Hibernians here in Hicksville need support to continue our Charitable works.
For more information contact Jack O’Brien  724-6821,  Jim Reardon or  Thomas Kennedy.


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Kevin Westley AOH member returns Hundreds of dollars worth of offensive Irish Shirts after St. Patrick’s Day

Division News: Kevin Westley continues as Chairman for Anti-Defamation.
Members efforts were picked up by more than 20 TV News and Radio Shows from USA  to Ireland.

 Irishman returns Hundreds of dollars worth of
Offensive Irish t-shirts to stores after St. Patrick’s Day

Sheila Langan                                                                                                                                    March 19,2015

AOH Division 11 member Kevin Westley,  Walmart was ready and waiting for Kevin Westley. Photo by: Sheila Langan
Walmart was ready and waiting for Kevin Westley. Photo by: Sheila Langan

“If we get locked up, if we’re not back in three hours, send the lawyers for us, OK hon?”
Kevin Westley asked his wife, Joanie, in the doorway of their East Meadow, Long Island home.
“You’re on your own!” was the reply from Joanie, who for the second year in a row has lovingly if somewhat bemusedly stood by Kevin in his campaign to get his local Walmart stores to stop carrying t-shirts that stereotype the Irish as drunks.
Westley, an Irish American radio host and Irish Dance instructor, has grown increasingly weary over the years of all the merchandise that pops up in the weeks leading up to St. Patrick’s Day promoting a connection between Irish Culture and drunkenness and worse suggesting that the holiday is primarily about drinking.

Storage bins full of Walmart t-shirts
Walmart Anti-Irish items in sealed tubs at purchase and ready to be returned.

Last year, after complaining about the offensive t-shirts to the managers at the Walmart stores in his area and to the company’s corporate office (and being told by each that the decision to carry the items was in the purview of the other), Westley decided to take matters into his own hands.

After carefully and thoroughly reading Walmart’s return policy, Westley went to three Walmarts on Long Island and purchased over $800 worth of the t-shirts. He left the tags on, kept the t-shirts clean (and out of public view) in storage boxes, and returned them after St. Patrick’s Day.

“Put them on your credit card and you never spend a dime,” he told Irish Central in a previous interview.
His experience returning the shirts last year was surprisingly positive.
This year was a different story.

For posting purposes, a milder Example of the offensive shirts !
For posting purposes, a milder Example of the offensive shirts !

In February, Westley bought $400 worth of the questionable t-shirts from two Walmart stores. The third store he had visited the previous year wasn’t stocking them this time around, he was delighted to find, though he was uncertain if that was a result of his campaign.
IrishCentral interviewed Kevin about his inventive plan in late February, and the story spread like wildfire. In Ireland, he did interviews with almost all of the major radio stations, and the Irish Mirror, The Journal and the Belfast Telegraph all covered the story. Here, it was picked up by ABC and FOX news, and a camera crew from CBS paid a visit to his home. Another station went to the Walmart in East Meadow. They were not permitted inside, though a manager did speak to one of the reporters.
So, once St. Patrick’s Day was over, Walmart knew he’d be making an appearance.

Kevin waiting in line to return the shirts
Kevin waiting in line to return the shirts

There was a short line in front of the customer service desk yesterday as Kevin pushed a shopping cart laden with two storage boxes through the store’s automatic doors.
It might have been the boxes, it might have been that his face is now familiar after all the interviews, or it might have been his Kelly green jacket, but the Walmart employees seemed to recognize him instantly.
“I got this guy,” announced one of the three women staffing the returns desk.
“Take them out of the basket,” she instructed when he reached the front of the line. “You have your receipts?”
“I sure do,” Kevin replied, pulling the t-shirts from the boxes and placing them on the counter.

Reciepts listed the t-shirts as “MEN ST PATTY
Walmart listed the t-shirts as “MEN ST PATTY & Thank You

He produced two very long receipts. Adding insult to injury, they listed the t-shirts as “MEN ST PATTY” and had the line “Thank you! We value your opinion!” printed at the top. This has not been Kevin’s experience.
The entire process took an hour, with some politely aggressively exchanges and spirited debate about the t-shirts’ offensive qualities as each one was scanned.
Initially, they seemed to be at an impasse, with the customer service rep telling Kevin that all of the staff had been instructed to only allow him to return the shirts purchased at that specific store.

So many other shirts, Sold throughout the area What if they picked on the President instead of the irish. 2015KevWest07
Inspecting the return policy posted on a nearby wall.

“You’re telling me I can’t return Walmart merchandise to any Walmart? There’s nothing in the return policy about returning it at the store where you bought it,” he said, walking over to re-inspect the policy, which was posted on a nearby wall.


Other offensive t-shirts.
more offensive t-shirts, see related article below

The rep said that Walmart had faxed everyone notes about and that the store manager had instructed all of the staff to only take back the shirts from that store. Kevin asked to see both the fax and the manager, and was told that the manager wasn’t in. The assistant manager never replied to the nearly 20 calls over the intercom.
The rep also said that she had been specifically asked to deal with Kevin when he came to make the return, perhaps because she herself was Irish American.
“Where’s your family from?” Kevin asked.
“Cork,” she replied. The same county where Kevin’s grandfather is from.
“And you don’t find these shirts offensive?”
“These shirts are not offensive to everyone, only to you.”
Kevin assured her she was just as entitled to her opinion as he was.

The shirts piling up on the counter.
The shirts piling up on the counter.

“Want me to take them off the hangers?” he offered.
“No, that’s fine, they’re just going to put them right back out.”
“Even though it’s after St. Patrick’s Day?” I asked.
“They’re being sold for $2.00 now,” she said with a smile.
She asked him why he didn’t buy t-shirts from Target or from the mall as well.
He said he probably would next year, but mentioned his dismay that last Halloween Walmart had been receptive and apologetic about two costumes offensive to Muslims and removed them from the shelves.

“Why won’t WALMART do it for the Irish?” he asked.

The t-shirts processed in the first return.
The t-shirts processed in the first return.

After the first return had been processed, she left the desk to find the assistant manager and came back saying that they would in fact be able to accept the t-shirts from the other Walmart.
“I wasn’t worried,” Kevin said later, “There’s nothing in the policy that says they’re allowed to do that.”
Four of the shirts were missing tags, but she ran their returns separately. She added up the separate receipts to make sure the totals added up; they did. Kevin thanked her profusely, put the lids back on the boxes, and headed back outside to his car.

Asked if it had been worth it, he replied “absolutely !”
“Stereotypes can be vicious,” he said. “They can keep you from getting a job, or finding a place to live – not just the Irish of course, but everyone.” He went on to describe moments where he had been stereotyped because of his Irish background – from teachers in high school and even from acquaintances today.

“I’m doing this in memory of my grandfather,” he added. “He was born in Boston and faced so much discrimination in his search for work – ‘No Irish Need Apply’ signs and so on. He was a chauffeur for the Kennedys and then went on to be a General Agent for Railway Express, a precursor to Federal Express. He made sure that all the local kids from his parish had a chance for a job.”

And will this experience deter him from doing the same thing again in 2016?

“I hope I don’t have to do it again next year,” he said. “But of course I will if they’re selling the shirts again.”

(This Story ran in Irish Central News)

The Ancient Order of Hibernians have been working with manufacturers for years to end such racist remarks. Spencer Gifts and Urban Outfitters have had courts rule against them yet still deal in defamatory merchandise. So Much of these products are made overseas by the millions. This makes the profit margin huge.



BroadwayMall11Whereas in the USA manufactured clothing has turned their profit using positive messages and images of the Irish. This allowed them to sell the merchandise all year not just around Saint Patrick’s Day.

3_17Shamrock Capture33 Capture48

Clean Shirts
Just some of the NON-DEROGATORY IRISH SHIRT Designs.